You should know right now that I love the taste sensation of salty sweet. Actually, I’m all about juxtapositions with flavor. Cold/hot, crispy/melty, sour/savory, it’s all beguiling as far as I’m concerned. I probably watch Food Network too much.

Thus, I was excited when I tried the peanut version of Nature Valley’s brand-spanking-new Roasted Nut Crunch bar. Packed with peanuts and sunflower seeds, it reminds me a lot of those old-lady, church bake sales where they sell the most perfect version of peanut brittle that you’ve ever tasted. I don’t know what they put into those things, but damn, delicious. The only difference is that these bars are far more peanuts and seedy goodness rather than all the sugar. The brittle part is just the glue holding everything together. A nut delivery device, so to speak.

The best part of this bar is that the ingredients list is totally wholesome and natural—just six ingredients that, when combined, taste a hell of a lot better than Larabar’s three ingredient mud pie. Apparently, deliciousness in a bar requires a few more ingredients than three. At 190 calories, with 12g of fat and 7g of protein (you can thank the peanuts and sunflower seeds for all of those grams), it’s probably more of a snack food rather than a meal replacement, but it satisfied my afternoon sweet tooth while preventing the 3 p.m. sugar crash. And really, that’s all I ask from a crunchy treat.


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