The Curves Smart Program – During the 2008 presidential race, I was watching the news and saw a group of Governor Sarah Palin’s friends from a Curves Fitness Center in Alaska talking about the candidate with whom they shared a thrice-weekly workout schedule. While Governor Palin and I may not have much in common politically, we have a couple of major similarities-Namely, busy schedules and several children.

Since the birth of my youngest child last year, I have not gotten back to my normal, pre-baby figure as quickly as in the past. I was struck by the terrific shape Governor Palin appeared to be in, along with the terrific stamina she seemed to possess, and immediately sought to learn more about the Curves fitness program.

Curves fitness program

I figured if the schedule of a governor with five children could accommodate three, half-hour workouts each week, there was no good reason I could not do the same. I went, literally, down the street and met with the owner of my local Curves and signed up. I began working out that same day.

My first week at Curves was alright, but I did not feel as if I was getting much of a workout. The owner assured me that after a few workouts to make sure I had safely mastered the use of the equipment, she would put me on the Curves Smart program and that my workouts would definitely become more challenging. About a week later, we went through the equipment together and she explained how the system worked while testing me on my range of movement on each machine on the circuit.

Basically, the Curves Smart system was described to me as a computer-based measuring system that keeps track of one’s efforts and abilities as she works out on each machine in which she places a special card. The panel that the card is placed in has lights that indicate whether one is achieving her optimum level of fitness that day.

The computer program compiles the participant’s workout results, and via the card, advises her when she is working out as hard as she should be. Participants recognize the achievement of this optimum level by a green light, as they are encouraged to “Go for the Green”.

Curves Smart

The Curves Smart system is optional to Curves participants, and I have observed that the women there to gossip do not use it. Women who are at Curves with the actual goal of fitness and/or weight loss can expect better, faster results using this system.

The workout with Curves Smart is MUCH more challenging than a self-paced workout, and can be used by all fitness levels. This is a wonderful technology that women looking for substantial physical self-improvement would be well-served to take advantage of.


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