Regardless of your athletic experience or current workout regimen, you are likely seeking an edge to motivate you in your quest to achieve your ultimate health and fitness goals. Oftentimes, we focus solely on the physical aspects of our fitness, while neglecting the development of a mental connection and commitment to our efforts.

By sincerely incorporating the following seven “mindset” methods, you will not only unlock your true fitness potential, but undoubtedly experience related breakthroughs in confidence, perspective, and pride in all phases of your life.

Step 1: Know Thyself

Self-assessment is the first step to successfully establish the foundations for a positive “mindset.” You must honestly examine your personal strengths, weaknesses, values, as well as internal and external fitness barriers.

positive "mindset."

Step 2: Design Your Vision

After considering your self in its current state, form a limitless vision of the future “you.” Create a prioritized list of your specific short-term and long-term health, sport and fitness goals, in addition to your personal, spiritual, relational, and professional aspirations.

Step 3: Shape Your Mindset

Connecting your dreams with reality is the next critical step. Identify the values, attitude, and healthy habits necessary for defining your “mindset,” in order to achieve lasting change.

Step 4: Ready, Action!

Now it is time to practice what you preach. Inevitably, your goals are only worth the price of the paper they are written on until your plan is genuinely put into practice. Be proud of your newfound resolve, continue to educate yourself further in the latest health and fitness strategies, and enlist the support of other like-minded individuals or professionals to further unlock your “mindset” potential.

Step 5: Pre- and Post-Workout Mindset

Before and after your workouts is the ideal time for personal reflection. Prior to exercise, sharpen your focus on your specific goals to gear up for a great workout. During your post-workout stretching period, construct a “mindset-centered” plan for the day to follow and consciously recommit your energy towards progress. Lastly, make proper nutrition, rest, and recovery a priority.

Step 6: Workout Mindset

“Mindset to the Max” Strategies:

#1: Diversify your workout (environment, mode, workout structure) to increase enjoyment and avoid performance plateaus.

#2: Utilize the human element (partner fitness, group classes, personal training, competitive events, service projects) for natural performance enhancement.

#3: Identify and include the best motivational methods for your success (books, music, a trainer, personal rewards system, goal reflection, measurements, health tests, etc.).

Step 7: Mindset Maintenance

From this point forward, reflecting upon your ideal “mindset,” and honestly evaluating your progress towards the changes you envision, will continuously generate a cycle of success. Remember monitor, motivate, and maximize!


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