During a pregnancy, hunger is inevitable. It is extremely important to have some quick pregnancy snacks on hand during the entire process. Making these snacks healthy will satisfy the hunger needs without compromising the health of the individual. This will give your baby the nutrients needed to grow and develop into a healthy child.

When deciding on what pregnancy snacks to have around it is important to base them off of what nutrients are most drained by a pregnancy. There are some nutrients that a pregnancy will naturally deplete, as it takes a lot of nutrients to make another person.

The pregnancy snacks that you choose should be high in nutrients like vitamin C, folic acids, and B vitamins. Getting these nutrients can be a hassle unless you have them handy with some pregnancy snacks.

pregnancy snacks

For many years you would hear people telling pregnant women that they need to eat for two in order to allow their baby to grow. There is a lot of truth to this as your baby will need you to consume more calories than you did previously. However there are good and bad sources of ways to fill these calories.

Just because you should be consuming more doesn’t mean that it needs to be junk food. For instance choosing between whole fruit and a candy bar, which one will provide you with more nutrients? The following pregnancy snacks are put together to deliver the nutrients that your baby need:

Cheese and whole grain Crackers

This snack will provide you with a boost in fiber and protein. Try to pick a rough whole grain cracker and stay away from the soft cheeses in the off chance that they might contain harmful bacteria.

whole grain Crackers

Whole Wheat Bagel and Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has a high mono saturated fats. These are very in most people’s diet but are helpful for pregnancies. A whole wheat bagel has a lot of protein if you can find the right kind.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are a great snack for pregnancies because they are absolutely packed with protein. They are also easy to make in a single batch and enjoy during the week. You might want to take precautions not to eat all of the yoke though.

This is a great way for you to get a host of macronutrients in a snack. You have carbohydrates in the rice patties, with protein in the cottage cheese. Throw some fruit on the top for some added tastes and nutrients.


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