Would you like to live longer and be healthier while doing it? Could a diet be the answer?

Author and M.D. Ralph Felder has come up with a diet called The Bonus Years Diet. By following this diet he claims we may all loose weight and live longer.

What are the bases of the diet? You drink red wine. You eat chocolate. You eat fish and you add garlic to your diet, to start.

First, off you drink red wine. To be direct, you drink five ounces of red wine a day.

You eat two ounces of chocolate a day. But not so fast. It has to be dark chocolate.

You add raw fruits and vegetables to your diet daily. You should eat 4 cups of these a day.


Three times a week you need to eat a five-ounce serving of fish.

You add garlic to your foods. A clove a day is the perfect amount.

Finally, you eat nuts every day (2 ounces).

What does all of the above have in common; they are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and phytocheemicals. The three of these are suppose to help reduce the risk of heart disease by 76% according to Dr. Fedlder. They are also supposed to help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation.

What can some of your choice menus? How about mixed greens with roasted garlic vinaigrette, pears poached in red wine, baked spinach and smoked salmon and don’t forget the chocolate.

What else are you suppose to eat? According to the diet, whatever you wish.

The pitfall of the diet is that you might get bored eating mainly these seven foods daily.

What can you do? Add a little bit of red wine (if you like), a piece of chocolate and some fish and garlic to do your diet as you can. But don’t make it a really strict diet.


What about exercise? It doesn’t’ say a lot about it. But you could add at least a daily walk to your regimen, as well. We all know we should try to exercise on a regular basis for it is good for our body, as well as our mind and spirit.

If you would like to read The Bonus Years Diet for yourself and learn all of the ins and outs of it, it sells on Amazon.com for $12.44


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