Sarah: I can’t find anything about it online, but Weight Watchers has these new ads all over the New York subways that say things like “Diet is a Four Letter Word” and promoting themselves as the answer. Holy irony?!?! Holy pot calling kettle black?!?! Just wanted to tell you about that.

Weetabix: Wait, Weight Watchers is acting like they aren’t crazy themselves? Hello, I totally develop an eating disorder when I’m on Weight Watchers. I get obsessed with food, how much I can have, how many points are in things, etc. I eat beyond fullness just because something is low in points. I starve so that I can binge on a Big Mac the day after I weigh in. And every time I’ve been in Weight Watchers, I come off and gain more weight than when I started, like, it shoots back up incredibly quickly after I get off the program.

Sarah: Everything you said about WW is exactly my experience as well. It makes my relationship with food MORE fucked up, not better. And yeah, I lose, but it all comes back—and then some—when I go off. Ditto, ditto, ditto.

Weetabix: Here’s what their blurb says: “Weight Watchers isn’t a diet because it helps you eat right and live healthy. It works because you’ll learn how to lose weight and keep it off, in a way that fits your life.” Um, by counting “points” and focusing on what you can eat or can’t eat because you don’t have enough points left in your budget, or eating off of a list of “Core Foods” which means “legal foods,” thus making things like bacon totally illegal. How is that different than a diet?

Sarah: Also, isn’t it a diet if you can “go on it” and “go off it”? Isn’t it a diet if you have to cough up cash to buy materials, member fees, and have some crochety old lady ask you to step on a scale and then say, “good work”?

Weetabix: Yes, suffice to say, it’s a fucking diet. No matter what they say and how much they want to take away some of Jenny Craig’s numbers, it’s a fucking diet in another package. And if that works for you, awesome. But my life? I can’t deal with some old lady making a squinchy face if I only lose 0.2 pounds in a week, and tell me that I must be retaining water. I don’t ever want to feel like I have to explain to someone that I just forgot to change out of jeans or didn’t go to the bathroom before coming to weigh in. I am afraid of any mindset where I feel compelled to make excuses for not pooping!

Sarah: I went in a moment of desperation last year and the meetings actually kind of warmed my heart in an “Ooh, I’m part of a community!” way. But as soon as that community started clapping and saying “bravo” when a woman talked about going to a family party and not having a bite of her very favorite recipe that her mom makes, I just knew it wasn’t for me. Partaking in food is partaking in life, and for a group of people to be sitting in a church basement applauding each other for resistance and abstention, for basically ducking out and huddling together—I don’t know, that’s not the kind of life I want to live.

Weetabix: See, that’s exactly like the meetings I went to! Plus, they spent a lot of time talking about ways to fake your favorite foods with Low Point (TM) alternatives. I spent, like, the entire meeting focusing on what I could eat and what I couldn’t. While Weight Watchers does have one of the lowest recidivism rates among other commercial plans, I know so many people that fall off that wagon.

Sarah: They have a low rate of retention cause keeping up with your points is like a goddamn calculus problem! I was constantly adding, subtracting, dividing, projecting, making averages—enough already! Look, I can’t deny that it works. It works in the sense that you will lose weight on Weight Watchers and it’s a slightly less crazy, more life-friendly way to lose weight than say, eating only cabbage. But will it make you more obsessed with eating, with zero point food, with constantly weighing and keeping track? Yes, definitely, absolutely yes.

Weetabix: The best part on WW’s website is the part where they knock other diet plans by saying “Often, you must buy special foods from a specific diet company.” They’re all like “Ooooooh, Weight Watchers International Inc. doesn’t make a significant portion of its bottom line by selling little red boxed meals in the frozen foods department! Please just pretend that we’re in this for the sheer joy of helping people!” Oh, sorry, tangent. Anyway, Sarah, I applaud you for not putting up with that shit. In fact, I’ll make you a bookmark to commemorate the event.

Sarah: Oh, the bookmarks! And the keychains! And the stickers! It’s like, okay, yes I respond to a reward system, but I’d rather it be, like, a new top at Anthropologie or stickers that I give myself in private, you know what I mean? What do you think, Weet—is there any way to eat and live that doesn’t feel like deprivation?

Weetabix: I guess we have to stop looking to some big corporation to “teach” us the right way to eat. We know what to do. There’s not one of us who doesn’t know the secret to losing weight. Six words: “Move more, eat less, mostly plants.” Repeat it to yourself after you check your weight and you can save yourself an hour meeting wherein they tell you how to make a fake strawberry pie using sugar-free Jell-O that is almost but totally not as good as the real thing.

Sarah: Yeah, we don’t need anyone to teach us anything, like Victoria Moran said: We don’t need any more information about eating right and being healthy. We’re geniuses on this topic. We just have to figure out ways to implement what we know that don’t make us crazy. ‘Cause being crazy myopic about weight and body stuff, it’s really boring and makes you miss out on a lot of life.

Weetabix: Fuck it, I’m totally posting this whole convo on the blog because I’m betting that the commenters are going to nail it with their thoughts on this matter. Waisters, it’s all on you.

Is Weight Watchers just another diet? Or are they really different? Do you get obsessed and stay obsessed in a good way or in a bad way?  The comments are all ears.

Are you looking to shed off extra pounds naturally?

Lately, the market has all sorts of alluring pills that promise to support your weight loss goals. But it is important to learn how a product works and if it is going to offer any benefits.

Am sure by now you have come across Instant Knockout, an effective fat burner designed for pro boxers and MMA fighters. It is a rich combination of the best natural fat burners in the market that will help kick start your fat loss journey.

Check the full ingredients and how they work in this Instant Knockout review.

What does Instant Knockout offer?

We bring you the real benefits behind this powerful fat burner.

Increases the body’s metabolism

Generally, the body uses energy even when less active activities are involved.

Instant Knockout boosts metabolism to burn more calories than usual. This means that the body burns higher calories, even at rest.

A higher metabolism results in higher fat burning.

This fat burner contains rich ingredients that increase how fast food is broken for energy in the body and how effectively it is used.

Boosts energy levels

Instant Knockout is rich in stimulants that provide the body with energy for strength training, aerobic exercises and intense gym sessions.

It makes the body create a calorific deficit while providing nutrients that fuel energy levels to support normal body function and workouts.

Suppresses appetite

Most individuals who want to lose fat follow a strict diet and exercise regimen but find themselves with hunger cravings between meals. This becomes problematic because the body tends to consume more calories than it burns despite the efforts. This increases fat storage in the body.

Instant Knockout comes in to support your weight loss goals by suppressing your appetite and curbing the urge to snack between meals.

This prevents the body from storing excess fat.

Prevents the formation of new fat cells

Instant Knockout contains ingredients that will prevent the creation of new fat cells, supporting the growth of lean muscle mass.

Additionally, it increases thermogenesis, which boots fat oxidation.

Green coffee bean lowers fat absorption from food, which prevents the accumulation of fat in deposits, especially stubborn areas such as man boobs.

Gives you a shredded physique

Instant Knockout improves digestion, increases metabolic rate, and promotes fat oxidation to support weight loss.

At the same, it promotes the growth of lean muscle mass and provides energy for intense strength training.

It helps individuals to burn stubborn fat and achieve a toned body, ripped and defined arms, shredded and carved legs, sculptured shoulders and sexy six pack

Basically, this fat burner boosts your gym confidence and helps you achieve your fat burning goals

Bottom Line

instant knockout package

Instant Knockout is perfectly and professionally blended with 10 natural components that have been clinically proven to increase fat oxidation.

Users will get to enjoy these benefits in a short while if they follow the recommended guidelines on how to use Instant Knockout effectively.

It has a powerful combination: glucomannan, green tea, caffeine and cayenne that are well known in the fat loss industry.

The most impressive thing about Instant Knockout is that it burns fat and helps you to retain muscle and strength.

During a pregnancy, hunger is inevitable. It is extremely important to have some quick pregnancy snacks on hand during the entire process. Making these snacks healthy will satisfy the hunger needs without compromising the health of the individual. This will give your baby the nutrients needed to grow and develop into a healthy child.

When deciding on what pregnancy snacks to have around it is important to base them off of what nutrients are most drained by a pregnancy. There are some nutrients that a pregnancy will naturally deplete, as it takes a lot of nutrients to make another person.

The pregnancy snacks that you choose should be high in nutrients like vitamin C, folic acids, and B vitamins. Getting these nutrients can be a hassle unless you have them handy with some pregnancy snacks.

pregnancy snacks

For many years you would hear people telling pregnant women that they need to eat for two in order to allow their baby to grow. There is a lot of truth to this as your baby will need you to consume more calories than you did previously. However there are good and bad sources of ways to fill these calories.

Just because you should be consuming more doesn’t mean that it needs to be junk food. For instance choosing between whole fruit and a candy bar, which one will provide you with more nutrients? The following pregnancy snacks are put together to deliver the nutrients that your baby need:

Cheese and whole grain Crackers

This snack will provide you with a boost in fiber and protein. Try to pick a rough whole grain cracker and stay away from the soft cheeses in the off chance that they might contain harmful bacteria.

whole grain Crackers

Whole Wheat Bagel and Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has a high mono saturated fats. These are very in most people’s diet but are helpful for pregnancies. A whole wheat bagel has a lot of protein if you can find the right kind.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are a great snack for pregnancies because they are absolutely packed with protein. They are also easy to make in a single batch and enjoy during the week. You might want to take precautions not to eat all of the yoke though.

This is a great way for you to get a host of macronutrients in a snack. You have carbohydrates in the rice patties, with protein in the cottage cheese. Throw some fruit on the top for some added tastes and nutrients.

You should know right now that I love the taste sensation of salty sweet. Actually, I’m all about juxtapositions with flavor. Cold/hot, crispy/melty, sour/savory, it’s all beguiling as far as I’m concerned. I probably watch Food Network too much.

Thus, I was excited when I tried the peanut version of Nature Valley’s brand-spanking-new Roasted Nut Crunch bar. Packed with peanuts and sunflower seeds, it reminds me a lot of those old-lady, church bake sales where they sell the most perfect version of peanut brittle that you’ve ever tasted. I don’t know what they put into those things, but damn, delicious. The only difference is that these bars are far more peanuts and seedy goodness rather than all the sugar. The brittle part is just the glue holding everything together. A nut delivery device, so to speak.

The best part of this bar is that the ingredients list is totally wholesome and natural—just six ingredients that, when combined, taste a hell of a lot better than Larabar’s three ingredient mud pie. Apparently, deliciousness in a bar requires a few more ingredients than three. At 190 calories, with 12g of fat and 7g of protein (you can thank the peanuts and sunflower seeds for all of those grams), it’s probably more of a snack food rather than a meal replacement, but it satisfied my afternoon sweet tooth while preventing the 3 p.m. sugar crash. And really, that’s all I ask from a crunchy treat.

When buying whey protein, there are several factors that indicate how good it is. Some of the things I look for are sugar contents, amount of protein per serving, calories, and of course taste. One of the biggest names in whey protein vendors is Optimum Nutrition. I’m going to review their Gold Standard Whey Protein.

The first thing that attracted me to this whey protein was the brand name. I had previously bought my whey protein from a department store and it was not a brand name.

Nutrition Whey Protein

I don’t know if it’s in my head, but I believed that I received less results from that than the optimum nutrition brand. I bought a 2 pound tub from the Vitamin Shoppe on sale and only paid a little more than department store whey. Therefore, the first pro of this brand is the price.

I began looking at what made up the protein. Inside each serving, there are 24 grams of protein, 5.5 grams of BCAAs, and 4g of Glutamine and Precursors. All of these things help build muscle in various ways.

The amount of protein and other growth factors per serving was phenomenal compared to other brands of protein that I tried. Optimum Nutrition boasts that their protein is the standard by which other Whey Proteins are measured. I must say that I agree.

I then looked at the sugar content. My friend had told me that sometimes the best proteins have too much sugar, which can be detrimental. I was happy to see that Gold Standard had only 1 gram of sugar per serving. I looked at the caloric value and saw that it was well in my range, only 120 calories per serving.


To finish off this review, I’ll write about the taste. I got the Vanilla ice cream flavored tub and I must say that it’s pretty good. Even though it doesn’t taste exactly like vanilla ice cream, it doesn’t taste bad either.

The shake smells appetizing and even if it is lumpy, it still tastes good. All in all, if you’re looking for Whey protein to help your workouts, I highly recommend Gold Standard Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition.

Would you like to live longer and be healthier while doing it? Could a diet be the answer?

Author and M.D. Ralph Felder has come up with a diet called The Bonus Years Diet. By following this diet he claims we may all loose weight and live longer.

What are the bases of the diet? You drink red wine. You eat chocolate. You eat fish and you add garlic to your diet, to start.

First, off you drink red wine. To be direct, you drink five ounces of red wine a day.

You eat two ounces of chocolate a day. But not so fast. It has to be dark chocolate.

You add raw fruits and vegetables to your diet daily. You should eat 4 cups of these a day.


Three times a week you need to eat a five-ounce serving of fish.

You add garlic to your foods. A clove a day is the perfect amount.

Finally, you eat nuts every day (2 ounces).

What does all of the above have in common; they are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and phytocheemicals. The three of these are suppose to help reduce the risk of heart disease by 76% according to Dr. Fedlder. They are also supposed to help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation.

What can some of your choice menus? How about mixed greens with roasted garlic vinaigrette, pears poached in red wine, baked spinach and smoked salmon and don’t forget the chocolate.

What else are you suppose to eat? According to the diet, whatever you wish.

The pitfall of the diet is that you might get bored eating mainly these seven foods daily.

What can you do? Add a little bit of red wine (if you like), a piece of chocolate and some fish and garlic to do your diet as you can. But don’t make it a really strict diet.


What about exercise? It doesn’t’ say a lot about it. But you could add at least a daily walk to your regimen, as well. We all know we should try to exercise on a regular basis for it is good for our body, as well as our mind and spirit.

If you would like to read The Bonus Years Diet for yourself and learn all of the ins and outs of it, it sells on for $12.44

We all know that too much fat in our diets is a road to health disaster and fat-free on a product label does not mean a product is also calorie free. Companies tend to replace the fat with sugar which of course can then later be stored as fat. Since too much fat can make your arteries clogged and cause heart attacks, strokes, and obesity, if not all three, it is imperative that you learn to reduce the amount you ingest.

It is a fact that most of us have too much fat in our diets. However, you still need some fat in your diet in order to remain healthy. You can safely ingest 5 to 8 teaspoons of fats and oils daily, and you will get most of these from your salad dressings, and spreads. So, the idea here is to cut back on fat not by buying expensive fat-free products that in the end may increase your problem, but to simply reduce the amount of fat in your diet with a common-sense approach.

Here is how to safely cut back the fat in your diet without buying fat-free products and, without getting rid of fat entirely.

1. Eat less red meat. Red meat tends to have more fat in it than most other meats, so eating less of it will reduce your intake.

2. Cut back on, or eliminate all together the amount of fast food that you eat. Fast food is riddled with fat, especially burgers and fries. If you make fast food a once in a while treat, or decide you simply aren’t going to eat it anymore, you will eliminate more fat from your diet.

Fast food

3. Don’t purchase frozen dinners, or only do so as a treat. Frozen dinners are often full of fat, and while there are some that do not have as much fat, they often have other issues like too much sodium for example.

4. Cook healthy meals at home instead of eating out. This way you can control what you are eating and how much fat is in your meals.

5. Avoid meals from a box. While meals like Hamburger Helper and Macaroni and Cheese are convenient, they do contain extra fats that you don’t need in your diet.

6. Make soups and then refrigerate them before eating them. Once they have cooled, any fat will rise to the top and solidify, then you’ll be able to skim it off before reheating.

7. Cut any fat off of red meat before cooking it, that way the fat never makes it into your food.

8. Remove the skin from poultry.

9. Drain the fat from meat after browning it.

10. Treat meat as a side dish rather than a main dish. Replace it with fruits, vegetables and whole grains instead. Decreasing your intake of meat will decrease your intake of fat.

11. Find and use recipes that require low-meat amounts and mix in vegetables, whole-wheat pasta and rice, or beans. This will also increase your fiber intake which most of us need to do anyway.

12. Replace your cooking methods that require fats such as butters, and oils in favor of ones that do not. You can roast, poach, stir-fry, broil, and bake your foods. You can use water, cooking sherry, wine, and broth to sauté your foods in as well.

mixed vegetables

13. When you need to grease a pan use non-stick cooking spray instead of butter.

14. Drink, and use when cooking, low-fat, or skim milk instead of whole milk.

15. Make broth-based soups instead of cream-based ones.

16. Use lean and low-fat deli meats for sandwiches instead of their high-fat varieties such as bologna and salami.

17. Replace mayonnaise with mustard on your sandwiches.

Reducing the fat in your diet using this common-sense approach will be a benefit in many ways. You will lose weight, reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and in some cases even certain types of cancer. You will also save money, because you won’t be purchasing expensive low-fat fast foods from your grocery store; fresh is always healthier and cheaper in the end as well.