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For men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), the disorder itself can sway them into giving up on sex.  But what they need to realize is that sex is a healthy activity to take part in.  In fact, when practiced both daily and safely, sex brings about a wide array of benefits.

From both physical and mental health advantages, here’s a quick look at the top six reasons to never give up on sex:

1. Excellent Way to Sleep Better

Many people who suffer from insomnia often fail to think about the sleep benefits associated with sex.  Take for example a person who is relaxed and ready to go sleep but can’t close their eyes.  With a nice dose of sex, this often sends the person to a place where they can finally count sheep and fall asleep.  Also for men, ejaculating will cause him to become lethargic, thus helping him to fall asleep quicker.

2. Reduced Risk of Developing Cancer

A study conducted in Australia found that people who have sex at least 21 times a month are far less likely to develop cancer.  For men, regular sex also reduces the chances of developing prostate cancer.

3. Have a Healthy Heart

Men who have sex on a regular basis “are 45 percent less likely to experience cardiovascular diseases.”  Additionally, since sex burns calories, this is an added bonus for heart health.  For most men, a minute’s worth of sex will burn 4.2 calories.  For women, 3.1 calories.

4. Improved Immune System

When it comes to fighting the sniffles, sex is an excellent remedy.  The act of sex increases immunoglobulin A, which is an antibody against the flu and other flu-like symptoms.  The next time you feel a cold coming on, remember to hop in bed and get your ‘love’ on.

5. Look Younger

Studies have shown that people who have sex at least three times a week tend to look about 10 years younger than others of the same age who don’t have frequent sex.

6. Pain Reduction

When the body enjoys pleasure, it becomes difficult to experience pain.  For this very reason, sex serves as a great way to reduce pain in the body.

The Takeaway

If you’ve been searching for reasons to make your way to the bedroom, keep in mind the benefits mentioned above.  Don’t let ED deter you from your attempts for making love. There are many treatment options available. You can also sex supplement like Max Performer.

Research shows that women have stronger cravings than men, making them have excess fat storage.

The first step towards achieving a better body is doing away with sugar cravings. But, this is the most challenging thing to do among most women.

Fortunately, LeanBean weight loss pills works to suppress appetite by hindering cravings, reducing calorie intake and helping women to stick to a balanced diet.

LeanBean is a fat burning product, specially formulated for women. The LeanBean review shows that it contains scientifically proven ingredients for appetite control and increased metabolism to support fat loss.

This fat burner has gained massive popularity among women. Today, we focus on how to take LeanBean for the best results.

Let’s get started

Recommended dosage

The manufacturer recommends that you should take one capsule four times a day, preferably one before breakfast, one before lunch, one in the afternoon and one before evening meals.

Taking the capsules throughout the day helps to maximise the effect of LeanBean.

LeanBean should be taken consistently for 3 months to realise results.

How To Make LeanBean More Effective

Taking LeanBean will not magically make you lose fat; however, it can boost your weight loss journey if taken correctly. LeanBean will not offer maximum results if you do not make lifestyle changes.

Consider the following tips to get the best results from LeanBean

  • Have a fitness routine and check your nutrition

You can’t take LeanBean capsules and expect results if you have do not train and have a poor diet.

To maximise results, it is essential to check your diet; cut off calories and enrol in a fitness program. If you consume calories, you have to burn off the excess to prevent fat storage. LeanBean helps to accelerate this process.

LeanBean will help suppress your cravings, but you will not win if you consistently have your cravings at your disposal. You cannot fill your kitchen cabinets with your favourite chocolate bars or crackers. This increases appetite making it hard to resist the urge.

  • Take LeanBean dose in the right timing

LeanBean will increase your metabolism and hinder hunger cravings when taking throughout the day at the recommended time. This will help get the most results from this fat burner.

The best strategy to take this appetite suppressant is 30 minutes before your meals. This will help you to feel fuller.

Also, do not exceed the recommended dosage.

  • Eat sufficient protein

While looking to lose fat, ensure that you take sufficient protein to support lean muscle mass.

LeanBean works by suppressing your appetite, thus reducing your daily calorie intake. If you do not up your protein intake, you may experience muscle mass loss too.

Aim to take above 1 gram of protein per each pound you weigh.  Reduce your carbs and fat intake but increase your protein intake.

Protein will help to maximise your results, giving you a strong toned physique.

Always remember that not all your body weight is fat; hence, as you take fewer calories ensure that your protein intake is enough to maintain lean mass.

  • Keep hydrated

LeanBean contains caffeine, which has a diuretic effect and may make you visit the bathroom more often. Additionally, it increases your metabolism, which is likely to make you sweat more than usual. This may slow metabolism and cause dehydration.

Therefore, drinking enough water (6-8 glasses) in the day, preferably cold water will help LeanBean to give optimal results.

Also, take each dosage of LeanBean with a full glass of water each time for hydration support and proper absorption.

Increase your water intake during workouts to support increased metabolism.


Following the above tips will help you get the best results from LeanBean.

This appetite suppressant works best when taken in the right dosage accompanied by lifestyle changes.

Exercising and dieting are crucial parts of a weight loss journey. However, some people believe that they can only diet and lose those extra pounds. Well, it is possible to lower your calorie intake and loss weight. Studies show that dieting contributes to 80 percent while exercising contributes 20% of weight loss.

In this review of PhenQ, we see that this supplement helps to boost weight loss by supporting exercise and dieting. It suppresses appetite thus reducing the number of calories consumed while it boosts energy levels to increase stamina while exercising.

Basically, PhenQ boosts both dieting and exercise. It is not a magic pill; you need to put on some effort on your end in changing eating habits and engaging in physical activity.

PhenQ Role In Exercise

PhenQ is specially created to provide an extra boost in losing fat at the same time increasing muscle mass.

Let’s see how

PhenQ contains caffeine that increases adrenaline, which helps to break down fats faster in the body as you work out. Simply PhenQ boosts the production of adrenaline during workouts and provides a rich flow of energy to increase stamina.

It has chromium picolinate which provides glucose to be burned for energy. This energy is used during workouts to enhance burning more calories.

On the other hand, Capsimax has been proven to increase fat oxidation during exercise while a-Lacys RESET has been seen to increase muscle mass while lowering body fat.

Therefore, in order to achieve maximum weight loss with PhenQ, exercise is necessary because it contains ingredients that boost the workouts.

Importance Of Exercise While Taking Phenq

Following a strict diet may be hard to maintain, that’s why exercise is necessary when losing weight to keep off fat from accumulating.

Here are some benefits linked to exercising

Depletes glycogen stores

The body stores extra carbohydrates as fat when glycogen stores are full. Therefore exercise depletes these stores to create room for carbohydrates you consume for energy.

Turns white fat to brown fat

Brown fat is considered good fat.

Working out changes the white fat cells to start behaving like brown cells, which burn calories to produce heat.

Burn more calories

Combining dieting and working out leads to burning more calories than usual.

Increases basal metabolic rate

Working out builds muscle mass which increases the basal metabolic rate. This means that the body continues to burn calories even at rest because muscle is more metabolically active.

Maintains body weight

Consuming lesser calories sheds off extra weight but the moment you stop, weight accumulates again. But exercising helps to maintain a good physique.

Improves health

Exercising promotes proper functioning of the body. Additionally, it maintains blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels.

Generally, working out is an essential step in losing weight. Make sure to incorporate small steps like taking yoga classes, walking your dog or jogging in the morning.

Final Verdict

There is no easy way towards weight loss. Consuming fewer calories is important and so is exercising to maintain the ideal weight.

PhenQ is a fat burner that provides the body with high-quality ingredients that help boost the body in weight loss by supporting dieting and exercising.